Environmental Investments


Dedusting Investments

  • Covering the roof of raw material stock halls
  • Covering the top of the conveyor systems
  • Dedusting filtering systems
  • Dust truck equipment to monitor periodically PM10 fugitive dust emission level


Waste Area

Waste Sorting Area to keep under control the wastes like,

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Hazardous Chemical Wastes
  • All type of waste oils & oily materials
  • Battery


Waste Water Treatment System

  • Waste water is treated to be used in greening practices.
  • Volume of the treated water is monitored under the principle of water management


Replacing the Asbestos Roof Covers

Asbestos content materials not allowed in anywhere of the plant

Greening & Planting Activities

Greening & planting in all over the plant