Health&Safety Policy

In general

The most important principles of the H&S Policy and associated management system that contribute to improvements of the H&S performance in the BEM LTD are:


Everyone is responsible for her/his own health and safety.

Managers have to provide the right management systems and are accountable for managing H&S performance.

H&S Commitment and Performance

Every employee and contractor is responsible for working safely, for knowing and following H&S rules and procedures, and for being attentive to the health and safety of others. Nobody may undertake or allow any other person to undertake any unsafe act or work in an unsafe condition. Demonstrated H&S commitment and performance are key criteria for good leadership in the BEM LTD .

Complying with H&S Rules

Complying with H&S rules and directives is a condition of employment in BEM LTD.

Injuries / Incidents / Unsafe Acts

All injuries, incidents and unsafe acts must be investigated. The root causes must be found and corrected. Those with potential for serious harm must be shared between BEM LTD own and subcontracted personnel so that corrective or preventative measures are implemented throughout the BEM LTD.

Safety Observations, Inspections and Audits

All levels in the organization do Safety Observations. Specialists do periodic inspections and audits. Managers must ensure that all issues recorded or identified get corrected.


Training is essential to have healthy and safe workplaces.

  • All employees must know the general and their task-specific H&S rules and procedures. They must recognize, report and correct all unsafe acts / conditions in their workplace.
  • ¬†Contractors must be trained in the H&S rules and procedures applicable to their job. They are required to always conform to those H&S rules and procedures