Human Resources


Human Resources Policy:

Our goal is to be the employer of choice in our community while attracting, retaining and developing a human capital capable of realizing our overall objectives.

Transparency in our communication, leadership in our management and training of our employees are therefore essential in achieving our objectives in all areas of our operations and are a prerequisite to the successful achievement of our strategy.

Our policy has  4 main processes:

*   Planning & recruitment

*   Training & development

*   Pay & benefit

*   Communication / Organizational development



This HR Policy covers:

*   BEM

*   All employees

*   All aspects of managerial competencies and management of human capital including training, recruitment, and remuneration.



Procedure developed, procedure approved, checked under ISO, sensitize.


Management of BEM:

Decides when it is necessary to modify the HR policy.

Authorizes the directives and the recommendations for the policy’s implementation.

Approve the HR indicators of performance.

Approve the application of the HR policy in all the departments and for all the employees.