Mission and Vision

Boğaz Endustri ve Madencilik the Cypriot subsidiary company of Holcim Lebanon gathers the activities of production and marketing of gray cement, within TRNC market.

Our mission is to be the most respected and attractive company in its domain.

Our strategy is based on permanent satisfaction of our customers through the quality of our products and services. We are committed to sustainable development to perpetuate the activity of cement producer, respectful of the environment and fully playing its social role in TRNC.

This strategy is achieved through a global policy “Quality – Environment – Safety” and associated management systems:

That’s why, we are committed to:

  • Comply the TRNC legal and LH Group administrative obligations, the applicable standards to our products in terms of quality, environment and safety.
  • Deploy financial and human resources to train and aware our personnel on environmental, safety and quality issues
  • Define Key Performance Indicators in order to achieve continual improvement in terms of quality, environment and safety.
  • Carry out a transparent and open dialogue with all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, authorities…) in order to establish a mutual climate of confidence and to progress together.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, conserve natural resources and use efficiently by following new technologies.

The follow up and implementation of the above stated strategy are made through a series of management systems:

  • ISO 9001 for the quality
  • ISO 14001 for the environment
  • Green Pyramid for Occupational Health and Safety